Composting Horse Manure
Horses give their owners a lot of joy – and a lot of waste. One horse can create more than 8 ton of manure per year – and that doesn’t include the soiled bedding or uneaten feed! So what do … Continue reading

Feeding the Maintenance Horse
I am fortunate in my job to speak with horse owners face-to-face on a frequent basis. During these conversations, I enjoy hearing about the horses they own and how great their horse’s look and perform. Occasionally, I will hear someone … Continue reading

Is City Water OK for My Horse?
The question comes up from time to time if municipal water supplies are OK for horses. The concern is generally related to the added chlorine or added fluoride in the water. The water is treated with chlorine to minimize risk … Continue reading

Horse Feed Tag Mathematics
We often receive questions from horse owners, wondering what the various units of measure on horse feed tags mean, and how they can use those units to figure out what their horse is consuming…and wondering why in the world they … Continue reading

Quidding – More Than Just a Funny Word
If you’ve walked by your horses feeding area or water trough and noticed slimy balls of half chewed food laying on the ground, your horse may be quidding. Quidding is a response to mouth pain in which the horse loses … Continue reading

5 Things I’ve Learned Working for a Feed Company
I am fortunate to count myself among those who grew up with horses.  My mother had grown up with a horse as her pet (Babe was her name) and much of what I learned came from how she had managed … Continue reading

Feeding Oats to Horses – The Whole Picture
For decades, oats have been a staple in the feeding program of horses. Often considered a ‘safe’ grain option, there are pros and cons to this long-loved feed option. Upon closer examination, the nutrient profile of oats may surprise you. Read on and … Continue reading

Dehydration in Horses – A Year Round Concern
We sometimes think of dehydration as only a hot weather concern. Horses (and people) can experience dehydration any time they are losing more water from their body than they are taking in to maintain fluid balance. This can be a … Continue reading

The Value of a Horse Feed
On a recent visit to an area farm, the owner confided that she was considering making a feed change.  She said she did not have any problems with the current product she was using, but she thought she could go … Continue reading

Feeding the Hard-Keeper Horse that has Ulcers
My horse is a hard keeper, and is also prone to ulcers.  What should I feed? Horses vary a great deal in what level of nutrition is required to maintain desired body condition and muscle mass.  Horses have not been … Continue reading

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